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Loose Home Long Sleeve Top And Shorts Casual Suits

Loose Home Long Sleeve Top And Shorts Casual Suits

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100% Cotton

Experience ultimate comfort and style with our 100% Cotton Loose Home Long Sleeve Top and Shorts Casual Suits. Perfect for lazy weekends or cozy evenings, the loose fit ensures freedom of movement. Embrace the breathable and easy-care nature of pure cotton, making this loungewear set a versatile and essential addition to your collection


Gentle Wash: Hand wash or use a gentle cycle in cold water. Inside Out: Turn inside out before washing to protect the velvet. Avoid Bleach: Skip bleach or harsh chemicals to preserve color and fabric. Air Dry: Lay flat to air dry; avoid heat to maintain the plush feel. Separate Colors: Wash dark colors separately initially. Handle with Care: Be cautious of sharp objects to prevent snags. Store Cool and Dry: Keep in a cool, dry place; avoid compressing velvet.

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